Educational experience exchange between 
American and Ukrainian students

Together with our partner, the Academy of Labor, Social Relations and Tourism, the Foundation introduces an exchange of educational experiences between students. Ukrainian students have a great need to learn and improve English in order to develop their state after graduating from the university. We invite students from the USA to Ukraine. You will get unforgettable impressions and valuable experience.

Current Projects

Ukrainian Christmas in the USA

Do you know that the Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on January 7 and the Holy Evening of January 6? Ukrainian Christmas has many ancient traditions and interesting customs. Visit our annual holiday, promise, will be fun and amazing.

Educational Eco Workshops with `Children`s Forum`

The Center has been introducing kids to the environmental management for many years. The organization is managed by just a few enthusiasts. Currently, they need some financial support to keep running the program. With Foundation’s assistance, Children’s Forum will keep developing and conducting eco exhibitions, lectures and seminars for kids in many schools of Kyiv.

Children's book  "Thousands miles of friendship"

The Foundation supports the publishing of this book with main purpose to expand an appreciation for and development of broad concepts of different world cultures in young readers.

​​This book is about friendship of american and ukrainian boys. The book includes eighteen stories, which describe eighteen trips - each to a different place. Every adventure is an introduction to a new city, new historical memorial or tradition within the United States or Ukraine. The content of these adventures celebrate those traditions that exemplify the similarity and differences between these countries. 

Scientific​ Language Camps 2018 

It is a 5-day program designed for different age groups (8-11 and 12-16). The program provides a combination of mini-lectures, workshops, games, Ukrainian and English practices accompanied by professionals. While practicing their language skills, campers will be learning about science in an interesting way. To improve results, the Foundation committed to bring several english speakers from the U.S. 
The camp is held in Kyiv, Ukraine, June, 2018.
Volunteers are welcomed! 

Charitable support of Ukrainian military veterans 

​​In the last three years, Ukraine has to defend its territory and its independence. Ukraine is a nuclear-free country that does not want to fight, but must. Let's together help those who suffered from the war through the following projects: сharitable and financial support to improve health and living conditions of Ukrainian military veterans, who have served on active duty and were injured while serving; charitable support of families, which lost their family members who lost their lives while serving on active duty; professional rehabilitation and social adjustment support for Ukrainian military veterans who have served on active duty; charitable support in providing clothes and footwear of Ukrainian military.