Summer Eco Language Camps 2017

The Foundation launched and united several initiatives to pursue its mission: eco projects and `Speak English as your own language!`.

Summer Eco Language Camps were organized for different age groups (7-11 and 12-17). The program provided a combination of mini-lectures, workshops, games, Ukrainian and English practices accompanied by professionals. While practicing their language skills, campers were learning about environmental and social responsibility. To improve results, the Foundation brought several english speakers from the U.S. 

It was an unrivaled experience for the Foundation, and unforgettable time for children and volunteers.
The camps were held in Kyiv and Carpathians, Ukraine. 

The Center has been introducing kids to the environmental management for many years. With Foundation’s assistance ,Children’s Forum conducted eco workshops and lectures for kids in Summer Eco Language Camps in Kyiv.

Kyiv, Ukraine, June 2017

Exhibition of traditional handmade folk dolls “Motanka”

The Foundation ​support Ukrainian traditions and cultural exchange between countries. We organized the exhibition of ukrainian traditional handmade dolls “Motanka” in Kyiv, and now glad to introduce it to you.

​​Motanka (or knot doll) is an ancient gaud (a thing that protects). The tradition of making them is almost 5000 years old and appeared when people began growing flax. 
Motanka is a symbol of goodness and prosperity, a symbol of hope for a better future.Such dolls represent the unity of family ties. 
Motanka is different from the usual toys, it lacks face features like eyes,nose etc. According to the ideas of the Gentiles, the soul inhales through the face into the doll. And the soul can be good or bad. To avoid bad soul's 'invasion', dolls have no face features.
Here are some types of traditional handmade folk dolls :
- Bereginya (a doll made for family well-being, protects a home, also symbolizes the mother’s blessing)
- Bagatoruchka (it has a lot of arms, symbolizes laboriousness, multifunction and presence of many talents)
- Mother with a baby (symbolizing happy motherhood)
- Baby 
- Wedding dolls (bridesmaids, inseparable dolls of the girl and the boy sewn together for being always together)
- Zernovushka (a doll made from corn, symbolizes wealth).

Educational Eco Workshops with `Children`s Forum`