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AIUF is grateful for donations, spreading the word, participation in `My USA`, and volunteering in summer camps. 

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Charitable support of Ukrainian military veterans and their families

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Children's book "Thousands Miles of Friendship"

Educational exchange between

American and Ukrainian students

Transparency, professional and dedicated team, close ties with Ukraine and the U.S., exemption from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3), thus, your contribution can be claimed as a U.S. income tax deduction.


Language Camps June, 2018

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Educational Eco Workshops with `Children`s Forum`


The mission of the Americans in Ukraine Foundation (AIUF) is to support a transformation of Ukrainian society into a well-educated modern nation; to increase a sense of social and environmental responsibility among Ukrainians; and to strengthen trust and connections between Americans and Ukrainians through implementing educational and charitable projects in both countries. The Foundation is dedicated to creating a positive image of Ukraine among Americans and vice versa.