Charitable support of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians


Since 2014, Ukraine has been defending its territory and its independence. Ukraine is a nuclear-free country that does not want to fight, but must. With a help of the donations the Foundation helps soldiers defending their home country and civilians that were forced to leave their homes or found themselves in a difficult situation due to the war.


Current Projects

Support of Ukraine's soldiers and civilians

Since the war began, the Foundation raised over $50,000. The funds went to support the territorial defense group of the armed forces, soldiers, the orphanage in Pryluky, and civilians who needed help the most. Besides financial support, the Foundation has been delivering aid to Ukraine, which included body armors, plates, helmets, boots, socks, tourniquets, first aid kits and many other necessary things. Our team is working on another aid package to be delivered to the Ukrainian soldiers soon.  

Illustrated by Kateryna Vasechko. She kindly provided her artwork for Foundation's use in this fundraiser..