Mila was born and grew up in Kyiv (Ukraine) but currently resides in the US. She is an experienced manager with over a twelve-year career in accounting, project management, international and domestic for profit and non-profit activities. Mila is currently a PhD student of the International Studies Program at Old Dominion University.

Mila is closely tied to her homeland and knows Ukraine's current needs.

Bonnie is Professor and Associate Chair of Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Besides her professional activities in the field of ecological genetics, Dr. Brown is a founder of the charter school in Richmond; she also participated in multiple international projects. 

Bonnie accounts for successful record of writing and managing grants. 

Vita possesses a unique combination of admiration to her homeland and professionalism. Her experience, enthusiasm and devotion are true assets to the Foundation. By profession, Vita is a lawyer with over 15 year career in jurisprudence and proven record of supporting local and international cases. She also managed a group of companies for construction and development and all aspects of its activities.

​Most of all, Vita loves traveling. She visited many places all over the world, thus, knows how to make her own country better. 

Dr. Bonnie Brown, 


David is a retired MD Orthopedist. Born in the U.S., he always cared about delivering medical services to those, who needed them. For many years Dr. Young has been serving on Boards of non-profit organizations. Besides being extensively involved in Foundation's life, he participates in activities of `Physicians for Peace’ as a volunteer.

Vita Prykhodko

Representative in Ukraine

Mila Demchyk

President / Treasurer

Dr. David Young,


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